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You are no doubt reading this article because you've looked in task manager and wondered what on earth all those rundllexe processes are. Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition (Me) contains two command-line utility programs named westleywest.com and. Most antivirus programs identify westleywest.com as malware—for instance Symantec identifies it as westleywest.comtion.1, and TrendMicro identifies it as TROJ_GEN.

A problem child in the Windows pantheon of processes is something called rundllexe. The rundllexe program exists to run programs held in DLL files. Find our what rundllexe is and what does it do in your PC. Rundllexe is no virus or malware, it is a Microsoft program that helps other. RunDLLexe is a part of Windows found in WindowsSystem32 and used to run program code in a DLL file as if it was an actual program.

It appears this is a pretty simple thing. Windows builtin files aren't individually signed and stored in the binary, they use catalogs to store their. Rundllexe files are system processes related to the Windows 10's functioning. These files are actually part of a code network connecting. Rundll32 is just a host process that loads a DLL and calls a function in that DLL. The 'interesting' part is not the exe itself (which is part of. How to fix the “Windows cannot find C:\Windows\system32\rundllexe” error message. This error is common after virus infections and may.


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